Understanding your bill
Understanding your bill

Charges Not Shown on Bill

I have recently changed my plan. Why is the new plan not reflected in my bill yet?
Your bill was processed before your new plan had been activated. The subscription charges for your new plan and the refund for the subscription of your old plan will be reflected in your next bill.
I called your Customer Service and was promised that my charges will be waived. Why is the waiver not reflected in the bill?
Your bill was processed before the waiver had been approved. The waiver of charges will be reflected in your next bill.

Bill Charges

Why are my mobile usage charges higher than usual?
This could be due to a few reasons:<br>1. You may have changed your billing cycle to a later date and which results in a longer billing period. <br>2. Long duration international calls or roaming calls that you have made.<br><br>If you wish to view the detailed charges of your bill, please sign up for eBill <a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/my-account/login?referenceUrl=https://mybill.singtel.com/ebill/mybill.asp">here </a>where your call details are provided at no cost.
I have recently signed up for a new service/I have recently changed my subscription plan. How will my charges be calculated?
• Your charges will be made up of Partial Month Charge (prorated from sign up date to end of bill cycle date) and a full month subscription billed in advance.<br><br>Please refer to the "Understanding your new bill" section below for examples of calculation of charges for new services. • An upgrade or change of your service results in partial month charges for new services & a refund for the old service.<br>Please refer to the “Changed Plan/Recontract” section below for examples of calculation of charges for change of plans.

Roaming Calls and Charges

What are AutoRoam and AutoRoam Rerouted IDD Calls?
1. AutoRoam is a value-added service that allows you to stay in touch via phone calls, SMSes and data when you travel overseas. AutoRoam automatically connects you to Singtel’s roaming services without any additional surcharge to current roaming rates.<br> <br>2. AutoRoam Rerouted IDD Calls are incoming calls you received while you were overseas which have been rerouted from Singapore to the country you are in. You will be billed the Singtel IDD rate for such calls.
What is Global Dial 121?
GlobalDial 121 is a service that allows you to call back to Singapore and other countries while you are roaming overseas. <br><br>Please refer to “AutoRoam” or “Pay-As-U-Roam” section below to understand how the charge is being presented on your bill.
Why is there a surcharge for Pay-As-U-Roam (PAYR)?
As there are no registration or monthly subscription fees charged, PAYR rates include a 25% surcharge.<br><br> Please refer to “Pay-As-U-Roam” section below to understand how the charge is being calculated and presented on your bill.
Please click on the corresponding numbers to learn more about your bill. For a better viewing experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.


Download a bill guide in your preferred language for your future reference.


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