adjusting to the new normal

In response to COVID-19, the Australian Government asked people to stay home, which meant customers were relying on our network more than ever to work, learn, entertain themselves and even socialise. Our network responded well, and customers are benefitting from our strong, nationwide coverage.

Optus Sport’s exclusive live coverage of the 2019/2020 Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Women’s World Cup has continued to delight viewers and fuelled record audience numbers for Optus Sport. The gripping action kept our 820,000 subscribers happy and engaged during this period.

We have shown our strong commitment to Australia and our customers and colleagues as the impacts are felt around the world. Optus led the market in offering customers free bonus data and waiving frontline healthcare workers’ postpaid mobile access fees for three months to demonstrate our appreciation. We also put in place several measures to assist customers and businesses facing hardship.

Global restrictions on travel and people movement have impacted our call centre capacity. We quickly retrained our store colleagues, as well as hired new people from businesses in affected industries like travel, in Australia, and have been encouraging customers to utilise our digital channels, including messaging, so they can find the answers they need quickly.

creating the customer-centric 5g network of the future

We are focused on ensuring our customers receive reliable excellent connectivity experiences at home as well as on the go, and this underpins our continued investment in the rollout of capacity in our 4G and 5G networks.

Over 220,000 Australian households have access to the benefits of 5G Home Internet. Our service provides very fast broadband access, with a minimum 50Mbps guaranteed speed, although most customers are experiencing average speeds of around 150Mbps. We have received very positive feedback on the easy installation and excellent performance from Optus 5G Home customers.

We are also stocking select 5G handsets and will continue to offer additional 5G handsets as technology partners launch them, so our customers can enjoy 5G Mobile as well.


In response to customer feedback, Optus launched our unique NBN Concierge Service to support customers transitioning to the National Broadband Network (NBN). As part of this service, each customer is personally assigned a dedicated Home Connection Expert as their primary point of contact during installation to ensure a seamless connection experience. This eases what has proven, in the past, to be a frustrating NBN transition process for Australian consumers.

We have also provided our customers with more control through additional digital features and options, like the Optus Assistant. This feature delivers personalised answers to questions regarding billing and re-contracting, anytime a customer wants it, without having to queue in-store.

Even our new mobile phone plans, Optus Choice and Optus One, provide customers with the ability to tailor their plans. Optus Choice allows customers to choose the device they want or bring their own, select the data that they need, and add the features — like roaming and international calls — all in the way that best suits them. Optus One is for those customers who simply want the best of everything: one-to-one service, dedicated support, network priority and a massive 500GB of data.