Our people are our most important asset, and we strive to equip them with the digital skills needed to support the Group’s business priorities and thrive in today’s fast-changing economy. We advocate continuous learning among our employees by investing in their development.

Investing in our staff for a digital future

In September 2019, we announced that we would invest S$45 million over three years to deepen the digital skills of employees in Singapore. Dubbed ACT, the initiative aims to Accelerate employees’ learning and skills development, empower them to Co-create their skills pathways, and Transform employee roles to ensure that they remain relevant. We launched a learning app called #CURIOUS, featuring learning channels with over 100,000 courses and videos, enabling staff to develop new competencies in fields such as analytics.

Our investments in our people have paid off. Close to 800 employees in Singapore and Australia have undergone skills conversion to take on new roles.

Besides upskilling our workforce, developing young talent is also a crucial part of our strategy to build Singtel’s future capabilities amid the global competition for talent. We placed 724 students in our scholarship and internship programmes and hired another 70 students for our Management Associate and Optus Graduate programmes in the past year. In particular, we have stepped up efforts to increase the proportion of students specialising in technology-related fields in order to nurture more young talent with digital skills.

Embracing diversity

We are committed to promoting diversity in our workplace. A culture of diversity and inclusion is essential to staying relevant to our stakeholders as it offers a range of viewpoints and improves our creativity and overall performance.

In Singapore, women represent a third of staff and 40% of our board. We established Gender Diversity Councils in Singapore and Australia with senior leadership representation to drive greater progress towards gender balance. In Australia, we became a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Pay Equity Ambassador, committing to the pay equity pledge to promote and improve gender equality.

For the second year running, we were one of five Singapore companies to be recognised in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for advancing gender equality. We were also named one of the top 10 employers for Gender Diversity at the Leonie Awards 2019 and were included in the Refinitiv Global Diversity & Inclusion Index 2019.  

Workforce Age Distribution