Supporting enterprises through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on companies worldwide. To keep their operations going, many companies have resorted to working remotely and splitting their teams as part of social distancing measures to avoid the COVID-19 spread.

Singtel responded quickly by bundling a suite of services including flexible internet connections, mobile service plans and conferencing solutions, allowing enterprises to communicate and collaborate securely. We also expanded our network capacity in Singapore and Australia to cater to the surge in bandwidth as companies activated work-from-home arrangements.

With SMEs adversely affected, we provided free usage of these productivity, collaboration and security tools, enabling them to minimise business disruptions while keeping their staff safe. In Singapore, we have also given SMEs access to our 99%SME e-marketplace at no cost, helping them build a digital presence and reach online consumers. In Australia, we are providing collaboration, mobility, cyber security and enhanced network solutions with free trials, no contract or free cancellation terms.

Enabling digital transformation

The cloud is central to the digital transformation strategy of enterprises seeking to scale faster and operate more efficiently. By moving data, workloads, and resources to the cloud, enterprises can easily access them across devices at any time, giving them the flexibility and agility to meet dynamic business needs. We provide a robust and comprehensive range of cloud services such as digital transformation consultation, application modernisation, workload migration, and cloud automation and security, enabling enterprises to fully reap the benefits of the cloud.

Our industry-leading services are complemented by our network of interconnected, secure data centres where enterprises’ clouds are hosted. In the past year, we have attracted several major cloud providers and financial services and technology customers requiring resilient, well-connected and scalable data centres to host their cloud platforms.

Strengthening core capabilities and infrastructure

We continue to strengthen and enhance the resiliency of our networks and infrastructure in order to cater for new technologies that rely on low latency and high-bandwidth connectivity. We completed the construction of the INDIGO West and INDIGO Central submarine cable systems linking Southeast Asia to Perth and Sydney in Australia respectively. We also expanded our network in the Southern Hemisphere with the construction of Southern Cross NEXT to connect Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Keeping enterprises secure

With cyber threats growing in frequency and sophistication, we have reinforced our capabilities by launching the Trustwave Fusion Platform which functions as a ‘mobile Security Operations Centre’, providing enterprises with real-time insights on their security status. Together with Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Centre’s global threat intelligence, they can respond faster to potential threats, reducing the window of opportunity for attackers, as well as minimising damage caused.

Gearing up for 5G

Our efforts to help enterprises accelerate their digitalisation will be boosted with the imminent arrival of 5G from June 2020, which promises to power advanced technologies such as IoT, AI and augmented or virtual reality. With our subsidiary Optus, we are laying the foundation for the adoption of 5G in Australia and Singapore by partnering technology, equipment and solution providers to create ecosystems where stakeholders can collaborate to develop potential use cases and solutions.

Together with Singapore’s A*STAR and JTC, we are helping companies develop next-generation Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions at the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre. We are also working with PSA and IMDA to develop 5G applications for port operations at the Pasir Panjang Terminal which could be used at the future Tuas Port to reinforce Singapore’s position as a leading transhipment and container hub.